A message from Amber

Dear Friend,

These songs have been written as God has illuminated the truths of His Word to my heart and mind and they have been written for His glory, honour and praise. They have also been written with you in mind – may you be challenged, encouraged, saturated in truth and most of all drawn to worship, in spirit and truth, the One who is full of love, mercy, grace and compassion, who created you for Himself and who longs to forgive you, pour out His abundant love upon you, change you and bring you into a right relationship with Himself.

Much love in Christ,

Amber’s Journey

All of a sudden it seemed the “scales were lifted” and songs flowed freely from her heart in response to God’s word and His guiding hand in her life day by day.

Amber Jane Combrinck was born into a non-Christian, but religiously aware home in a small town on the coast of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. As the youngest of 4 children, Amber followed in the footsteps of her siblings as she set off to a full-time Christian boarding school at the age of 11. It was there that she was first made aware of regular church attendance and the preaching of

God’s word. Her eldest sister had once brought home a free bible given to her at the same school and Amber tells how when she opened it the words she read seemed to speak to the very heart of the difficulty she was facing at the time – she had the very real sense that this book was alive and true and spoke straight to the heart. Seeds were planted but no roots took hold, just yet.


Following her own path through school and university and into some deep trouble, Amber was nevertheless being patiently drawn to, and compelled by, a pursuing God to bend the knee to His authority over her life.

After university, Amber moved to Gauteng, entered the workplace and was introduced to a local church where she began attending services. She made, what turned out to be, a half-hearted, double-minded commitment to Christ and after facing a confusing and very difficult set of circumstances, turned back to her old ways.

Thankfully God wasn’t finished with her yet and allowed her to reach the very end of herself a few years later when shortly after marrying her husband PJ she was ambushed and shot twice in an attempted hijacking, narrowly escaping death. A few seconds after being shot and not knowing if she was about to die, Amber recalls crying out to God in her heart for another chance and praying the only prayer that came to mind at the time, The Lord’s Prayer, that she had repeatedly been taught all those years ago at school!

God graciously answered Amber’s cry for help and during her lengthy recuperation, gave her plenty of time to think about the path her life should take.

Amber and PJ moved from their first home to the small inland town of Hillcrest, Kwazulu Natal, and it was there that the search began for a church that was faithful to God’s word and whose people honestly sought to please Him and obey Him in thought, word and deed. After visiting a few churches in the area, Amber recalls attending her first service at Hillcrest Baptist Church and knowing it was home!


It was at Hillcrest Baptist Church under the faithful preaching of Pastor Clint Archer and following a sermon on being born again by visiting American preacher Jesse Johnson that Amber finally and wholeheartedly received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. Shortly thereafter Amber found that she was surprisingly able to write songs with ease, despite having no formal musical education and experience in this field. Amber had been part of a choir at school and had a deep interest in song writing but was never really able to write proficiently. All of a sudden it seemed the “scales were lifted” and songs flowed freely from her heart in response to God’s word and His guiding hand in her life day by day. Not knowing quite what to do with these songs Amber was unexpectedly and providentially introduced to Alan Judd a local Christian musician who came alongside her and helped record and release her first album, All Glory to You. This was followed by a second album, One Small Voice, recorded at Sesalos with Shermin Bhagalu on piano and Alan on guitar. Her latest album, Lamplight, is due for release shortly. Recorded at a local recording studio, Hit Record, a number of new team members came on board to work alongside existing team members Alan Judd and Shermin Bhagalu. Brent Quinton of Hit Records, recorded, mixed and mastered the album and brought in multi-talented musician and producer John Ellis to produce the album. John played guitar, ukulele, bass, percussion and piano on the album and was ably assisted by Alan (on guitar), Shermin (on piano), Brent (on bass and guitar) and Ralitsa Pechoux (on cello).