Lamplight Album | 2017


Although Lamplight is just one of the songs on the album, Amber chose this song to be the album’s title track and to name the album “Lamplight” as it seemed to sum up so much about who God is and the themes of scripture He has woven through the bible.

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Each song on the Lamplight album has, as its root, a scripture or series of scriptures combined with real-life experiences and/or lessons learnt from real-life experiences and sermons. There is essentially a story behind each song through which Amber hopes to show that God’s Word is alive, true and relevant for each situation we face; God is the same from age to age and His Word is timeless. Amber aims to use her music to present truth in song and to guide the listener to God’s Word as the only true source of truth. We are so governed by our feelings, impressions and opinions which so easily lead us astray and down all sorts of ‘rabbit trails’ but God’s Word is sure, unchanging, entirely true and powerful and His Spirit uses His Word to guide us, protect us, correct us, comfort us, teach us and grow us. We are put on this earth for a reason – God wants to draw us into a loving relationship with Himself as our loving Father, King and Saviour because He is good and He knows that this is what He ultimately created us for. He wants to use us as instruments to point others to Him as the only true source of hope, joy, peace, light and love in an increasingly dark and desperate world.

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